ECOTEC has developed biotrickling/bioscrubber technology (DBIOX®) over the last years.

Biotrickling / bioscrubber technology is based on a biological reactor with a scrubber-type washer (vertical configuration) which incorporates a high surface inorganic media where the microorganisms will grow. The metabolic process of these microorganisms will remove the pollutant compounds contained in the gas stream.

Unlike other types of media, the one we install in our biotrickling/bioscrubber equipments can be easily washed and it doesn’t have to be replaced over time.

In comparison, biotrickling/bioscrubber equipments reach higher efficiencies than traditional chemical scrubbers, and they are capable of absorbing a much wider range of pollutants.

Biotrickling/bioscrubber technology does not require the use of chemical reactive (or do require it in very low quantities whenever they are necessary). This fact minimizes running costs and eliminates the generation of toxic effluents that have to be treated.



This biotrickling / bioscrubber application is specifically conceived to remove reduced sulphide compounds contained in the biogas for cogeneration.
Biotrickling/bioscrubber technology provides the following advantages:
  • High H2S removal efficiency
  • Minimum reactive consumption
  • Reduced operation costs, which provide short term investment return
  • No waste generated
  • Biotrickling/bioscrubber is feasible for high pollutant concentrations, and it can be used in applications where traditional systems are not suitable due to high running costs

DBIOX® for odor removal in WWTP

Biotrickling / bioscrubber for odor and VOC removal can be used as an alternative to traditional systems (chemical washers and activated carbon filters), since they can reach higher efficiencies for the removal of pollutant compounds.
Biotrickling / bioscrubber technology provides the following advantages:
  • Higher efficiencies
  • No chemical reactive required
  • Reduced operation costs, which provide short term investment return
  • Traditional chemical scrubbers can be turned into biotricklings with low investment requirements
  • The biotrickling/bioscubber technology is capable of treating high pollutant concentrations
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